Electrical Engineering Services


At Calco Electrical Engineering we pride ourselves in providing solutions needed to the fast growing economy in the electrical and electronics field. There is no doubt that in any field of expertise you will require a business which will be a partner in improving the services you offer to your clients, that is why Calco Electrical Engineering is there for you, and we would like to be a service provider of your choice. No job is too small or too big for us. To give you as our valued customer the very best service, we have partnered with a number of suppliers who have been in the Electrical engineering field for many years, this enables us to reduce your overheads and at the same time not compromising quality.   We have a range of services that we offer to our valued new and old clients in our portfolio, and continue to provide quality work as much as we can. These includes but not limited to;

  • Electrical and Electronic designs
  • Industrial Installations
  • Commercial Installations
  • Residential Installations (House wiring)
  • Process Automation
  • UPS systems
  • Standby Generators installation and maintenance
  • Solar Power installation, and maintenance
  • Home and Office Automation systems
  • Audio and Visual Solutions
  • Access control
  • Project Management

Design and Project Management

Any job starts with Ideas that are put together by experts who have extensive experience and knowledge in the field, then planning, and execution. The Electrical design team uses modern technology to come up with designs that are not only reliable but complying with all relevant regulations as well as green technology compatible. The team oversees the process from the beginning to the end using the best Project Management Processes that assist all the departments to ensure better quality control and monitoring.


Panel Wiring, Installation, and Commissioning

Neatly wired panels and distribution boards to the required standard are of paramount importance to the success of your project. All our panels are tested before dispatched to site to eliminate time wastage and to ensure that the design is checked in a controlled environment. We simulate the process and satisfy ourselves that the wiring is working well before can produce the final wiring to the client.

Our experienced electricians handle site installation with great care knowing that it is their responsibility to ensure that the brand is not compromised, thereby bringing satisfaction to our clients. We take pride in all we do every day. The installation team undergoes vigorous training to be abreast with the SANS 10142 regulations and make sure that they comply as much as possible with the required standards.

As built Drawings are issued as soon as the installation and commissioning is done to keep records for future references. Our commissioning technicians familiarise themselves with latest technologies and instrumentation to be fully equipped for every job.

We install the best products for optimum operation when it comes to;

  • Transformers, and Control Switch gear,
  • Drives,
  • Soft starters,
  • DOL starters,
  • Generators
  • Solar Power systems,
  • UPS Systems,
  • Electrical motors, Pumps, etc.

Process and Home Automation

Automated control systems have advanced to the extent that production is increased in many instances thereby maximising profit. A System which works well requires good planning, strenuous work as well as time. Calco Electrical Engineering will make it easy for you, our client, by taking all that burden since we have experienced technicians who will tackle any project entrusted to us, we will help with ;

  • PLC hardware supply,
  • PLC Programming,
  • SCADA Systems,
  • Networking

Homes and offices have benefited from the advancement in technology as well. We will integrate everything around your home or office into one system controlled by a touch of a button. We use well known and trusted brands to make technology work for you. All the connected devices facilitate what is called a Smart home or office which is possible because of Internet of Things or in short IoT. The world is no longer the same because of this technology, control your home or office from wherever you are in the world, whether you  are opening or closing your curtains, switching on appliances, activating your alarm system, viewing CCTV, operating your Pool pump, lights, audio and visual distribution, etc. Do just about everything as long as you are connected to the Internet. Make Calco Electrical Engineering your trusted partner in automation of things around you.


Access Control

Security of your assets is entrusted to security companies who comes to patrol your home at selected intervals, but you need a guard 24/7 no matter the season or weather, we have the knowledge and expertise to install extra security guards for your property, we install Electric fences, CCTV cameras, Gate motors, boom gates, card readers, biometric scanners, time management systems, etc. All our installation are guaranteed and done by experienced and trusted technician.